My Riding App


The Mobile Obsession App (aka MO App) by Ideas Motors is simply awesome.

Perfect for Social Distancing too! Just think: Connect with friends & family completely safe in the knowledge there was a better way to deal with the pandemic and you found it!

"I never leave home without it!"
—Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey


Because the MO App is on my Samsung smartphone and my iPad and I never leave home without one or both devices. You never know when a friend or business colleague is going to suggest a get-away for a few hours on our motorcycles. 

Did I mention it supports 27 languages? Plus, has over 60,000 Events listed — Just grab it and go!


Link to Download: Ideas Motors MO App

Stay in the Loop with our Podcast & Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing. Perfect for cruising down the highway when "audio only" is the only audio choice:


Questions? Dial #250 and say, Contact Ski Man!


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