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Think of us as a marketplace or bazaar in which talent connects with entities like startups, small, and medium-sized businesses to produce amazing works of original art in the form of VoiceFirst skills.

Why a switchboard? Old School, baby! We rely on the phone [okay, the modern smartphone to be sure!] rather than email. We connect the buyer with the seller. To the Stars you say? Exactly. The A Players with mad skills are no less stars than LeBron or Cher. Of course, the super Stars of businesses in the VoiceFirst space are an elite group of “shakers & movers” defining what the future looks like, but doing it today. Now!

Why voiceFirst careers and why now?
Great questions. Allow me to tell the story as time permits.

Want to be part of this startup?
There are roles available for A Players. But time is short!

Text VFC4COFOUNDER to 614.412.2001

Are you looking for Talent?
Consider us...

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